About us

The University of Applied Sciences Velika Gorica is a Croatian higher education institution founded in 2003 with a mission to train qualified experts in specific areas of professions that are aligned with contemporary labour market needs. Our undergraduate and graduate professional study programmes in crisis management, optometry, information systems , motor vehicles and aircraft maintenance enable our students to acquire the knowledge and skills necessary for jobs for which there is a real demand in Croatia and beyond its borders.

The University is located in Velika Gorica near the capital city of Croatia, Zagreb. It is comprised of two modern buildings with 19 lecture rooms and 15 offices for teachers, including 851 seating places, 220 computers and a fully equipped laboratory of optometry. Its modern infrastructure and equipment, as well as professionals with expert knowledge and experience, provide excellent pre-conditions for teaching and quality research activities.

The curricula of our five undergraduate professional and three specialist graduate professional study programmes are constantly revised to ensure that our students have the best opportunities for employment and career advancement once they graduate. We continuously plan and monitor our growth, as outlined in the current Development Strategy and Internationalisation Strategy. The quality of the study programmes is guaranteed by the continuous cooperation of the University with Croatian institutions such as Ministry of the Interior, Croatian Mountain Rescue Service, Centre 112, Emergency Medical Service, Croatian Red Cross and Croatian Firefighting Association. UASVG is an active participant in EU funded projects, as well as Erasmus mobility.

Apart from active participation in projects, the University also publishes the international scientific journal Annals of Disaster Risk Sciences (ADRS), which is the result of successful organization of international scientific conference Crisis Management Days. The conference gathers leading experts and scientists in the field of crisis management in order to explore all scientific fields that deal with various aspects of crises.

The University is also proud of its Optometric Conference of Central and Southeast Europe (OCCSEE), which is organized biannually. The aim of the conference is to support optometrists, opticians, ophthalmologists and other parties involved in optometry in their lifelong learning and personal growth, as well as promoting eye health and vision care.

The students recognize our quality, as there are currently 1,500 full-time and part-time students enrolled in the study programmes at the University of Applied Sciences Velika Gorica.

Bet on knowledge, invest into your future.

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