Computer system maintenance

About the study

If you are the person everyone turns to when they need to reinstall their Windows or solve some problems this is the study programme for you. Of course, computer systems maintenance is much more than that. This study programme aims to provide students with the knowledge and skills necessary for the use and maintenance of computer systems that are applicable in various fields, such as business automation or monitoring of various industrial and energy processes. The classes are very much practical and therefore an excellent basis for employment after graduation.

About the study

This study programme offers you competencies needed for work associated with the support of the introduction of computers into various segments of the business process as well as computer systems maintenance which include: selection and configuration of computers and software support according to business process requirements, participation in the development of software support, creation and maintenance of databases, configuration and maintenance of computer networks, configuration and maintenance of operating systems, monitoring the security of computer systems and data (protection against unauthorized access, planning the creation of data backup copies), and configuration and maintenance of computers for monitoring non-computer systems.

Computer system maintenance is a study programme that provides professional education with a significant practical part of the classes. Due to the shortage of computer system maintenance professionals, who would be the link between information system designers, specialists for specific hardware or software technologies, and information system users themselves, this study program was created to educate information technology professionals whose competencies meet the requirements of today’s market.

The study plan and program is designed to equally represent courses in the field of information systems design, application programming, and in the field of both software and hardware technologies, which is especially important for future computer system maintenance engineers.

Why choose this study programme

Upon completion of this programme, students acquire the knowledge and skills necessary for work in the field of computer system maintenance and support for computer users.

Graduates of this study are equipped to independently solve professional problems related to planning, development of software solutions, implementation of computer systems, and their security and protection.

Job options for computer system maintenance engineers

There is a need for computer maintenance engineers in various fields of work. These are the following jobs or occupations:

Computer system maintenance jobs:

  • selection of optimal configurations of personal computers required for different jobs
  • selection and configuration of software support according to business process requirements
  • participation in the design and creation of program support
  • creation and maintenance of databases
  • configuration and maintenance of computer networks
  • configuration, administration, and maintenance of user and server operating systems and computers
  • monitoring the security of computer systems and data (protection against unauthorized access, planning the creation of data backup copies)

Customer support jobs:

  • user training in computer skills and the use of applications
  • troubleshooting of users’ computers and applications.


Obrazovni centar Porsche Croatia, Zagreb

Institut „Ruđer Bošković“, Zagreb

Hrvatska akademija tehničkih znanosti

DOK-ING d.o.o., Zagreb

„Essilor“ d.o.o., Hrvatska

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