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The mission of the University of Applied Sciences Velika Gorica is continuous implementation of professional study programmes, specialist graduate professional study programmes, lifelong education programme and realization of professional and scientific activities. The University cooperates actively with the academic and industrial partners in the Republic of Croatia and abroad and provides possibilities of internal and external mobility of its students and the teaching staff, development of multidisciplinary scientific and academic activities.


The vision of the University of Applied Sciences Velika Gorica is continuous modernization of implementing professional and specialist study programmes oriented to sustainable development in the area of technical sciences. By applying advanced technologies in the teaching process the University is assuring quality. Through active cooperation with partners from the industry, the University will maintain the level of organization of professional education, growth of quality and competitiveness as well as adult lifelong education. The University wants to be a dynamic institution that gives incentive to professional and scientific knowledge with direct implementation in industry and cooperation with the partners in EU. Such vision of the University of Applied Sciences Velika Gorica is a projection of the future development that needs to be realized through successful strategy.

Strategic goals of the University of Applied Sciences Velika Gorica include:

  1. Development of VVG teaching staff,
  2. Implementation of advanced teaching technology,
  3. Quality assurance of the teaching process,
  4. Adult lifelong education,
  5. Scientific and professional activities,
  6. Cooperation with industry and local community
  7. International cooperation
  8. Sustainability of the University of Applied Sciences.


VVG Organization:

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Relation between the VVG Management and the Section for Quality:


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